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Full EASA Part-66 Module List

Thank you for your interest in our EASA Part-66 license study material. We offer comprehensive study material for all 17 modules required for the license. Depending on the license category, applicants are required to successfully complete between 10 to 13 modular exams. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you would like to purchase our study material.

Module-3 Electrical Fundamentals This module provides the fundamental electrical knowledge required for an aircraft maintenance engineer and the basis for the electronic fundamentals module that follows. The content includes electron theory, generation of electricity, capacitance, magnetism, inductance, transformers, generators and motors. 3.1 Electron Theory 3.2 Static Electricity and Conduction 3.3 Electrical Terminology 3.4 Generation of Electricity 3.5 DC Sources of Electricity 3.6 DC Circuits 3.7 Resistance / Resistor 3.8 Power 3.9 Capacitance / Capacitor 3.10 Magnetism 3.11 Inductance / Inductor 3.12 DC Motor / Generator Theory 3.13 AC Theory 3.14 Resistive (R), Capacitive (C) and Inductive (L) 3.15 Transformers 3.16 Filters 3.17 AC Generators 3.18 AC Motors

This module follows on from the electrical fundamentals module and covers components (diodes, transistors and integrated circuits), PCBs (printed circuit boards) as well as including information on different types of servomechanisms (also known as synchros). There are different versions of this module (B1 or B2) as the knowledge requirement is more in-depth for those studying towards a B2 licence. 4.1 Semiconductors 4.2 Printed Circuit Boards 4.3 Servomechanisms

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