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Career in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering field in India and European countries.

#AircraftMaintenanceEngineering can be an excellent career option in the field of aircraft maintenance in India, and #DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) sets the required permissions and standard rules to get into this field. The work of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers involves the responsibility of ensuring that aircraft are maintained, safe and functioning properly. DGCA accredits appropriate training institutes for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and grants licenses based on competency standards. You should visit the DGCA website and check their latest rules and instructions so that you can get the necessary information to make a career in this field. To work in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, you need to have the technical knowledge, skills, and compliance with the safety authorities. will be. This work of planes

How to get Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering license can be obtained in India under the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). For this the following steps are mandatory:

1. Educational Qualification: You must have passed 10+2 with Mathematics and Science subjects.

2. Training: You must have completed Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) program from a DGCA recognized training institute. This training teaches the methods, knowledge, and skills of aircraft maintenance.

3. Experience: You should have maximum 2-3 years of experience in doing maintenance work.

4. DGCA Exam: You have to pass the module exam of DGCA, in which you need to have knowledge about technical and safety regulations.

5. License Application: You have to apply for AME license to DGCA and submit the required documents.

What is EASA's Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License:

EASA, i.e. European Union Aviation Safety Agency, is an important update-based aviation safety authority of the European Union's aviation safety agency. Aircraft maintenance engineering expertise is required to obtain a certificate under EASA, known as an #EASAPart66 license.

The EASA Part-66 license is recognized in many countries in Europe for work in the field of aircraft maintenance engineering. The following steps are mandatory to obtain this license:

1. Educational Qualification: You must have passed at least 10th examination in any subject.

2. #EASAPart147 Training: You must complete the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) program from a training institute accredited by an EASA Part-147 establishment.

3. Technical Examination: You must pass the EASA Part-66 license technical examination, which tests your technical knowledge and understanding of aircraft maintenance methods.

4. Experience: You should have experience in performing aircraft maintenance work under specified criteria.

#EASAPart66 license allows you to work as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in any country of the European Union and this license is recognized internationally.

What is the difference between the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License course of EASA and DGCA.

There are some important differences between the aircraft maintenance engineering license courses of EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) and DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation):

1. Educational Qualification: For EASA you have to pass at least 10 exam, whereas for DGCA its qualification is set in India, and it may require some special educational qualification.

2. EASA Part-66 License: To become an AME under EASA, EASA Part-66 license is required, which has to be passed from EASA recognized training institutes to obtain it.

3. DGCA Certification: To become an AME in India through DGCA certification, you have to pass the DGCA module examinations and follow their rules.

4. Region: EASA license allows to operate in EU countries, while DGCA license allows to operate in India.

5. Specificity: Under DGCA a person can work only in India, whereas after EASA license a person can work in any country in the European Union.

These differences generally occur in terms of educational qualifications, certification processes, and field recognition. You need to choose the appropriate license depending on your goals and where you work.

Can EASA Aircraft Maintenance Engineering license holder work in India?

Yes, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) license holder of EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) can operate in India, but there are certain rules and procedures to be followed:

Is there training for EASA Aircraft Maintenance Engineering license in India?

Yes, some training institutes in India provide Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) training as per EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) and preparation for EASA license. These training institutes provide the necessary qualifications and training to obtain an EASA Part-66 license.

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